The Team

We are Kinito van Dunem and Ingmar Niezen, we run Smells like chocolate. In April 2018, we pooled our resources and started this store. The beauty of our area, our fascination for cacao and chocolate and the kind folk we work with keep us inspired.


Kinito is also a tourist guide, he speaks a whole list of languages and is a tourist’s best friend.


Ingmar is also a food stylist and recipe writer & a is chocolate geek who can’t resist whipping up a cake, a drink, a soup, where cacao and the season’s freshest ingredients find their way into her recipes. 


Recently food engineer Carolina Leguizamon has joined our team. She has brought with her highly developed taste buds a vast amount of knowledge on producing chocolate and cacao. She is now dedicated to promoting small batch chocolate making and sharing her knowledge in workshops and tasting sessions.