We have recently seen the advent of not one but two heat waves in the Netherlands. Often it smelt like barbecue as people were enjoying the tropical conditions in their gardens yet inside smells like chocolate we were fighting against the heat. You see at thirty one degrees celsius and above something awful happens to chocolate. Besides melting, high temperatures can cause it to have what is called a "fat bloom" effect. This is when the oil or fat from the cacao butter rises to the surface and transforms the otherwise uniformly deep dark exterior to whitish and mottled - almost anaemic looking, rendering it unsellable. 

So when we realised it was getting hot and that the weather forecast predicted a steady increase in temperature we were forced to take action. We installed airconditioning. This meant that on those scorchingly hot days we had to close the front door for cooling porpoises which felt counter intuitive, but thankfully the sign we hung up did the trick. People kept entering, were it sometimes in a slightly hesitant fashion. At least we know our system works and that we (but more importantly the chocolate) can cope with the hottest of days. One thing is sure: heat and chocolate bars don't mix. 

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    Jeroen (Saturday, 11 August 2018 13:36)

    I love the coffee....always nice to be there.